quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2007

Lá como cá

Uma fase particularmente intensa de trabalho tem-me afastado das postagens e de alguns tipos de leitura. Mas não de todos.
Cito, do Guardian de hoje e a pensar na realidade portuguesa, as conclusões de Timothy Gorton Ash sobre a política externa de Tony Blair:

First, never again must the flag of liberal interventionism be so abused. All the many peaceful forms of liberal intervention must first be exhausted. For the last resort of military action, we must have just cause based on facts, not fiction dressed up as secret intelligence, and proper legal, democratic and multilateral authority. And we must be prepared for the long haul afterwards.
Second, only a strong Europe, speaking with one voice, can be the strategic partner that the US badly needs.
Third, in order to get that strong Europe, the British prime minister must face down the unelected press barons who currently dictate Britain's European policy. So let Gordon Brown learn the right lessons from his neighbour's chequered history.

Lá como cá, e não apenas na política externa, não é?