segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2005

Livros #10

The European Dream.
How Europe's Vision of the Future is Quietly Eclipsing the American Dream
de Jeremy Rifkin
(Presidente da Foundation on Economic Trends in Washington, DC)
Cambridge, Polity, 2004, 448 pp.

Para ler por quem teima em resistir ao bombardeamento por repetidas e enfáticas proclamações sobre a decadência europeia.
Escrito por um… americano.

Índice «Preface / Introduction / Part I. New Lessons from the Old World / 1. The Slow Death of the American Dream / 2. The New Land of Opportunity / 3. The Quiet Economic Miracle / Part II. The Making of the Modern Age / 4. Space, Time and Modernity / 5. Inventing the Ideology of Property / 6. Forging Capitalist Markets and Nation States / Part III. The Coming Global Era / 7. Network Commence in a Globalized Economy / 8. The “United States” of Europe / 9. Government Without a Centre / 10. Romancing the Civil Society / 11. The Immigrant Dilemma / 12. Unity in Diversity / 13. Waging Peace / 14. A Second Enlightenment / 15. Universalizing the European Dream.»

Citação «While I remain viscerally attached to the American Dream, specially to its unswerving belief in the pre-eminence of the individual and personal responsibility and accountability, my hope for the future pulls me to the European Dream, with its emphasis on collective responsibility and global consciousness. I have attempted, in the pages that follow, to find some synergism between both visions, with the hope of reaching a synthesis that combines the best of each dream.»